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Used solar PV components, surplus PV solar components, Trace Inverters, ConServ refigerators, used solar modules, used wind generators, used solar, surplus solar modules, solar modules on sale, used generators, discounted solar modules

Used Solar Electric &
Renewable Energy  Equipment

Used solar PV products, surplus PV solar components, Trace Inverters, used solar modules, used wind generators, used solar, surplus solar modules, solar modules on sale, used generators, discounted solar modules


Many of our customers upgrade their systems, and as a result may have a used inverter to offer, or perhaps some batteries with a few years left in them. Others may offer 12V appliances they no longer need, as they've switched to AC in their system. Some have used but good solar hot water panels. THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU! If you would like to list an alternate energy surplus item here, use the submittal form at the bottom of this page or send us an e-mail with the description, price, and your contact information (phone number or e-mail) and we will post your item here free of charge. If you have a photo, JPEG works well for us. Please, no commercial advertising! When you sell the item, let us know so we may remove your free listing. Also, we at Oasis Montana occasionally get news of a good deal from one of our vendors, and we're happy to pass it on to you!

This page is for you, the general public. Oasis Montana is glad to host it, but we are not responsible for any misrepresentation for the products the individuals may offer. And, for the goods we represent, we endeavor to be as open, informative, and honest as possible. Caveat emptor! 

ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING.  Businesses: You may NOT sell items that are available in a store/storefront. This page is designed for INDIVIDUAL and NONPROFIT sellers.

NOTE:  We do not post ads for folks LOOKING for goods, only for those who are trying to sell them.  We will keep your ad active for a maximum of one year, unless seller indicates otherwise. None of these items are sold by Oasis Montana - click on the E-mail link to contact the seller.


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Complete Solar Power System

Solar Power system available near Hysham, MT. Some disassembly required. Asking $6900. Components consist of 24 - Trojan 2V L16 batteries (1255ah); Midnite Solar E-panel; FM60 Outback Power charge controller, 12 - Suniva 275W solar modules; MagnaSine MS4448PAE inverter (120/240VAC output); power distribution panel; Magnum auto-gen start relay; Buyer responsible to assemble wheels (included) and disassemble components as needed for travel. Buyer must remove the system from the property. Heckuva deal! Questions? Contact Ed May, Renewable Energy Management, LLC Ph 406.780.1173 E-mail (MT-11/23)


NEW Lorentz Pump and Controller

PS600 HR-07-1 Lorentz Pump, available from Oasis Montana. Weíve had this in the shop for several years; itís brand new but no longer under warranty because itís seven years old. Original wholesale cost for this was $1999; itíll fit down a 4Ē well casing, and pull water from a depth of 100 - 300 ft., ~5 gpm max. $800 plus shipping.
Call us 406-777-4309 or e-mail us. (MT-10/23)


Solar Water Pumping System:  Lorentz PS60 pump controller in good shape, $200; FLowlight Booster Pump 2910-12V with low water sensor, used lightly, $250; six 60W BP solar modules in good shape, $150 for all. Located in Cameron MT; call Ken, 406-640-0144 or e-mail (MT-08/23)


Magnum Inverter

For sale Magnum 4 KW 24V 120VAC sine wave inverter (MS4024) and Magnum 100A 200VDC Charge controller for $2000.oo. Purchased in 4-29-21.
Please call Anson at (406) 444-5407 (MT - 03/23)


Roll Surrette 2 volt battery for sale

Qty (24) Rolls Surrette batteries, 2 Volt, Model 2KS33P, 1837Ah, Purchased new late 2018. Includes automatic watering system; well cared for and in great condition. Includes all battery to battery connection cables, Asking $6,000 for all. Located near Columbus, Montana.
Buyer must arrange for pickup. Call: Edward (406) 780-1173 (MT - 01/23)



Rebuilt Dankoff 24V Slowpump, #2607-24B, slightly over a year old, asking $1000 + shipping. Located in Darby, MT. Contact Marty at  or 406-381-1327 (MT - 08/22)


Lithium Battery Charger, 24V 25A, slightly used, $150 plus shipping. Like new (and cost $280 then), for use with lithium batteries only. Dimensions: 9.1x4.7x2.8" (230x120x70mm), Net Weight: 5.5lbs (2.5kg), SKU #LBP2425L. Located in North Central Washington state. Contact Dave (WA - 08/22)


All-In-One power system

Energy storage demo unit for sale or lease, location Broward/Palm Beach/Miami-Dade county in FL. Can ship anywhere In the U.S. 48V composed of Schneider XW+ inverter, Conext 600VA150 MPPT controller, disconnects, four GS VRLA SLX 12V 250Ah batteries, four 325W Solartech solar modules, cables; as is warranty. $19350 plus shipping. Contact Will at (561) 906-6306, or email.  Click for brochure. (FL - 07/22)




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