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Used solar PV components, surplus PV solar components, Trace Inverters, ConServ refigerators, used solar modules, used wind generators, used solar, surplus solar modules, solar modules on sale, used generators, discounted solar modules


Used Solar Electric &
Renewable Energy  Equipment

Used solar PV products, surplus PV solar components, Trace Inverters, used solar modules, used wind generators, used solar, surplus solar modules, solar modules on sale, used generators, discounted solar modules


Many of our customers upgrade their systems, and as a result may have a used inverter to offer, or perhaps some batteries with a few years left in them. Others may offer 12V appliances they no longer need, as they've switched to AC in their system. Some have used but good solar hot water panels. THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU! If you would like to list an alternate energy surplus item here, use the submittal form at the bottom of this page or send us an e-mail with the description, price, and your contact information (phone number or e-mail) and we will post your item here free of charge. If you have a photo, JPEG works well for us. Please, no commercial advertising! When you sell the item, let us know so we may remove your free listing. Also, we at Oasis Montana occasionally get news of a good deal from one of our vendors, and we're happy to pass it on to you!

This page is for you, the general public. Oasis Montana is glad to host it, but we are not responsible for any misrepresentation for the products the individuals may offer. And, for the goods we represent, we endeavor to be as open, informative, and honest as possible. Caveat emptor! 

ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING.  Businesses: You may NOT sell items that are available in a store/storefront. This page is designed for INDIVIDUAL and NONPROFIT sellers.

NOTE:  We do not post ads for folks LOOKING for goods, only for those who are trying to sell them.  We will keep your ad active for a maximum of one year, unless seller indicates otherwise. None of these items are sold by Oasis Montana - click on the E-mail link to contact the seller.


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Used Batteries

Selling 3- and 4-year-old batteries. C&D UPS, 12-400MR, 105 AH, 10-year life--$90.00.  Also, Sprinter S12V370F, 90AH.  All in great condition.  Call George in middle Tennessee at 615-545-9324 or send email here.  (TN - 7/14)


Solar Hot Water System

Originally installed in a commercial laundry in 2010.  This is a complete system, components too numerous to list in this space. Price negotiable.  Email for complete parts list and additional information.  Send email here.  (NJ - 6/14)


Solar Thermal Components

Two evacuated tubes, $120; Storage tank, heat exchanger (Amtrol) 26 gallon, $260; 80 gallon storage tank/heat exchanger, stainless, double wall, $1000; exterior aluminum tubes, make offer; plus some misc. equipment. We can send pictures, etc. Interested? If so, contact Joyce or call 313-494-4736 (MI-4/14)


Solar Power Components

36 Kyocera 200W modules, $175 ea; 6V sealed VRLA AGM Discovery batteries, $250 each; Outback Flexware System, $250. Very good condition. We can send pictures, etc. Interested? If so, contact Joyce or call 313-494-4736 (MI-4/14)


Used Solar Modules

4 year old Sanyo 215W modules (#HIP-215NKHA5, now Panasonic), quantity of 63; asking $225 each for them, in groups of nine, or take them all for $12,800. Location is Mesa, AZ.  Contact kerry4@cox.net         (AZ-4/14)


Nickel Iron Batteries

BeUtilityFree, used, 48V, 600Ah, NiFe battery bank (Model TN-500 - 40 pieces @ 1.2V ea. for 48V nominal). Battery bank is 5 years old, well within its specified 20+ years service life. $21,000 new; asking $9000. Unlike common lead acid batteries, NiFe batteries can be cycled to empty and back to full without damage. Pick up, or seller will ship within continental U.S. if buyer is willing to pay for shipping.  Send email here.  (TX - 02/14)


OutBack Grid-tie Inverters/ Battery Charger

Four (4) OutBack GVFX3648 inverters, suitable for battery-based grid-tie systems, brand new in unopened boxes. OutBack GVFX3648, 3600W, 120vac, 60 Hz, 50A battery charger. $1,600 each. Call 406-600-7593 or send email here.  (MT - 12/13)


Advanced Energy Grid-tie Inverters/ Battery Charger

#AE 500NX-1kV 50 Hz, 500kW, 480V Inverter, brand new, certified and tested from Advanced Energy. A steal at $80,000 (OBO) without warranty (which is available from AE for a fee). Contact for additional information Ben Caylor, 828-989-5892 or e-mail benjamincay@gmail.com  (NC - 10/14)


Trace/Xantrex Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Modified sine wave inverters by Trace/Xantrex; TR2412
(w/100A charger), used 3 months, asking $900; UX612SB
(w/25A charger), works great, asking $500. Call 406-239-9033 or send email here.  (MT - 11/13)


Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries

  • Four (4) Outback inverters, VFX3648, vented, 4 years old $1300 each, OBO.

  • Three (3) Outback charge controllers, MX 60 PV MPPT, with Hub 4 system communication manager and "MATE" serial communications display, $300 each, OBO.

  • 24, 2V (915Amp) Concorde PVX-9150T sealed lead acid batteries for PV systems, two years old, $150 each, OBO ($500 apiece new, not including shipping).

  • Additional older batteries available for $50 each, OBO.

  • Also custom battery boxes (each holds 24 batteries) available for negotiated price.

Call 607-342-3395 or send email here.  (NY - 11/13)


 Grid-Tie Inverters

TWO (2) 3000 WATT SUNNYBOY INVERTERS. Both theses units are nearly new, and still have the factory 10 year warranty to fill out and mail in. Immediate shipment.           $1475 EA.        (941) 743-4023  (FL - 09/14)


Aurora Wind Turbine Inverter, Wind Box, and Dump Load

Aurora PVI-3.0-OUTD-US-W wind turbine inverter, Aurora PVI-7200-WB-20A-US wind box, and Powerohm 25.0 OHM dump load for sale. Spent $1600.00 for the Aurora equipment, now sitting in my garage. Asking $1000.00 for all.  Contact Mark at 413-245-7117 or send email here.  (MA - 11/13)


Zomeworks Tracker and
Solec Modules

One used Zomeworks Tracker UTR 020 rack and four (4) Solec 45w modules. $400 for the tracker and panels. Willing to sell the tracker separately for $300. This system has been in storage for several years with minimal prior use. Easy to install. Located near Missoula.  Send email here.  (MT - 11/13)


Solar Energy

Storage Package

Professionally assembled, turn-key system built from high-quality, commercial grade, Schneider/Xantrex components, mounted in a weather-proof housing.  System consists of:

  • Schneider XW4548 hybrid inverter charger for grid-tie or off-grid use;

  • Schneider XW-MPPT80-600 solar charge controller
    Breaker box;

  • Schneider system control panel & communications interface;

  • 240VAC-30A load center;

  • Nema 4x rated aluminum cabinet w/locking doors.

Approximately $9000 spent in assembling system, asking $5500. Available for pick-up at our facility in the San Francisco Bay area, or shipping can be arranged. Call 408.625.7302 for more info. Send email here.  (CA - 10/13)


Micro-hydro System


Harris Hydro unit for sale
  • Harris Hydro 3 nozzle pelton wheel (w/ Aluminum housing, bronze runner, motorcraft alternator)
  • Extra Bronze (4.5") runner
  • Extra Motorcraft (Ford) Alternator
  • Heavy Duty Ohmite Rheostat (3.87 max amps; 10 ohms)
  • Assorted nozzles
  • Documentation
This is an older Harris Hydro. It worked fine when I upgraded. Both Motorcraft (Ford) alternators are "rebuilt". $550 including shipping. Please call Romain at 541-592-2311 for more details.

Cave Junction, OR 97523 (OR - 09/14)


Small Solar Kit


 One (1) Sharp 235F4 module, Magnum 1000W inverter, Sunsaver MPPT15 controller, disconnect, breakers, Unirack ground/roof mount, battery cables and panel output cable.

Asking $2000 or best offer. Fairview, PA, 814-840-4370 or e-mail hunterfarms@yahoo.com (PA - 10/14)




E-mail us for free information on system sizing; or order our Design Guide & Product Catalog on CD for $10.00.

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