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This solar system was built for me and put on some property I owned to power a small home and tools. I never got to use it more than a month because I ended up selling my property. This solar system is extremely versatile. Easy to transport and will supply you with dependable power for many days depending on what your needs are. Tows easily with a small car, truck or RV. This system would be fantastic for any off-grid living or camping situation. Can be easily recharged with a generator in a just a few hours for several more days of use. This custom built system cost me $13000. If you look up all the prices for the internal parts alone they are $9000, you will see this is an incredible deal for what is basically an almost new system. I'm looking to do some remodeling in my new home and would like to use the money for those expenses. Please see the pictures for a list of all the system's parts. Also please reach out with any questions. (404)964-3030" Asking $9800 OBO

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