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For Sale: 

 Bergey XL 1KW wind turbine and 80’ guyed tilt tower.  Has 2.5M rotor (8.2’).  One of two 2012 models that was never installed.   Turbine is the 24v model with the ‘Power Center’ controller. Max output is near 1.5+ KW. Tower parts include eight 10’ x 4”  steel tube sections and all mounting hardware, guy wires, tilt base plate, gin pole, ground anchors. Turbine and controller are in original packaging.

Located in Fargo, ND.   Asking $3500 OBO.  THIS IS A SWEET DEAL; Bergey no longer manufactures this excellent residential wind turbine but still provides product support.  Contact Bill Schwankl, 701-729-1921  or e-mail.




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