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Super Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer

How much money do you spend on drying your clothes? 

According to a quick search on the internet, the following seems to be the average for American households:

Loads of laundry per week is 7.5;
Average drying time per load is 45 minutes;
Average watts a clothes dryer uses: 5,000;
Average cost per kilowatt (varies widely): $0.12.

At that rate an average household spends over $175 per year drying their clothes in a clothes dryer.  Why not hang your clothes out on a clothes line and save money?  Most times of the year for most Americans in most locations this is a very easy solution.

What if it is raining?
What if it is winter?
What if I live in an apartment and don't have a place for a clothes line?
What if I live in a community where it is illegal to hang clothes outside?

Unfortunately I didn't make that last one up.

Well, here is an easy solution to save money while drying your laundry.  Not to be confused with money laundering--that is something all together different, and actually if you have those problems you are probably not too worried about trying to save money drying clothes--these are strong, quality racks using smooth " dowels that are attached to the "x1" poplar frame with screws, not staples.

For a real energy efficient way to dry your clothes,
check out these hand crafted Amish made clothes racks!

We measure drying space by adding up the total usable dowel length.
Model: Drying space * Upright (HxWxL) * Folded * Weight *
Mini: 24 ft. * 38x12x30 * 30x16x8 * 8 lbs. * $64.95
Small: 34 ft. * 60x19.5x40 * 40x25.5x8 * 16 lbs. * $89.95
Large: 40 ft. * 70x23x48 * 48x30x8 * 18 lbs. * $103.95

Air drying your clothes will reduce wear and tear on them, and they will last much longer not getting beat up in an electric dryer. These have a 3-4 week lead time.




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